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FORESIGHT is an initiative of The Rippel Foundation, created in partnership with Blue Shield of California Foundation, and actively supported by forward-thinking national and regional philanthropic partners.

The initiative came about in 2018 because stewards are interested in knowing what they are working toward. What could a transformed system that produces health and well-being look like? We are working with leaders from across the nation, including
17 philanthropic partners, leaders from other sectors, and residents to use a futures planning process to equitably and imaginatively envision, articulate, and bring about the kind of system we really need.

We believe that working backwards from the future, with a new appreciation for what’s to come, will help us get “unstuck” from our current patterns of thinking and acting. FORESIGHT challenges us to move radically beyond solving the problems of a system that no longer serves us well. Only then will we be able to generate a vision for a new system for health and well-being where all people are thriving, and gain a solid understanding of what it would take to establish it.

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