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Rippel's ReThink Health initiative works with stewards on the ground in organizations and communities throughout the nation to help them think about new ways to improve population health and well-being—to have an impact that goes beyond business as usual. Explore how stewards are ushering in transformational change to support thriving for everyone.

The Real-World Impact of Stewardship

We work with stewards across the country to discover and implement strategies that improve health and well-being for all. These stewards come from a variety of sectors, ranging from philanthropy, health systems, corporations, and government to community advocates and everyday residents. What connects them is a common vision for a more equitable system in which everyone thrives.

We call this growing wave of change the “Movement to Thrive Together,” to emphasize that the real heroes are the stewards who are doing the work everyday to build stronger, healthier, more equitable communities. Read on to discover some of their stories.

Stewards Rising

Answering the Call for Change

Discover real-life success stories of stewards who are helping their communities move toward a future with more equitable health and well-being.
See the Real-World Impact
Erin Morton

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Lisa Gentz

Community Mental Health & 5 Healthy Towns

Somava Saha

WIN Network

Fox Cities

Unsung Stewards Podcast

Listen to in-depth conversations with stewards who are supporting transformative change in their communities.
Joy Williams

Founder of Hope to Thrive

Sterling Cruz-Herr

Founder of TransClue

Colin Killick

Executive Director of the Disability Policy Consortium

Maka Monture

Indigenous Artist and Activist, Member of the Arctic Youth Ambassadors Program

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