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Stewards Rising

Answering the Call for Change

Stewards are people or organizations who work in coordination with others to create the conditions that all people need to thrive. Shared stewardship is a lifelong journey that any individual or organization can embark upon.

Whether you are just beginning your stewardship journey or are already a champion of stewardship, we hope you find inspiration in these stories from stewards in diverse communities and sectors throughout the nation who are working across differences to achieve equitable health and well-being.

The Journey of Stewardship

Listen to the perspectives of those who answered the call.

Imagine Fox Cities: Creating a Community Where Everyone Belongs

Stewards in Fox Cities, WI, are working to create an inclusive community where everyone can thrive. Find out how in this multimedia narrative.

The Stewardship Mindset

Hear from Lisa Gentz of Community Mental Health and 5 Healthy Towns in Michigan who illustrates how partnering with others in stewardship will increase thriving in communities.

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Stewards at Every Level

Hear from Erin Morton of Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals who discusses the importance of leadership buy-in and effective goal setting to improve community health.

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Combatting Inequity

Hear from Somava Saha of the WIN Network who underscores the necessity of addressing systemic inequities to ensure stewardship and its benefits are accessible to all people, in all places.

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Reflect on Your Stewardship Journey

Share your story and inspire others.

Stewardship is calling — how are you answering the call? Share your thoughts below! #StewardsRising #ReThinkStewardship
Being a steward is a lifelong journey and having the guidance of others to rely on helps greatly. What are your lessons learned as a steward? Share your thoughts below! #StewardsRising #ReThinkStewardship
Everyone has a reason for becoming a steward. What was your defining moment or catalyst? Share your thoughts below! #StewardsRising #ReThinkStewardship
Whether we realize it or not, we can all be stewards! In what unique way do you OR can you promote stewardship? Share your thoughts below! #StewardsRising #ReThinkStewardship
Stewardship can be expressed in many different ways. What do you think it means to be a steward?   Share your thoughts below! #StewardsRising #ReThinkStewardship

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