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The ReThink Health Toolbox Webinars

Our new webinar series is designed to introduce you to Rippel’s unique suite of tools and frameworks that help stewards drive transformative change.
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Hosted by Rippel’s flagship initiative, ReThink Health, these free webinars showcase practical approaches, case examples, and more—all focused on these simple concepts:

  • How do stewards drive transformative change?
  • How can we work to bring diverse voices, priorities, and interests together in an action-oriented way?

Participants will walk away from each webinar with:

  • Practical tools and frameworks proven to drive deep, meaningful, and long-term change
  • Hands-on learning and sharing in an interactive setting
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • An expanded network of changemakers

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Upcoming “Rippel Toolbox” Webinars


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Mar 05 2024

ReThink Health Toolbox Webinar: An Introduction to the Three Horizons Framework

Three Horizons is a framework for thinking about how stewards can effectively and equitably guide systems change.


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Jan 25 2024

ReThink Health Toolbox Webinar: Multisolving

Multisolving is a way of addressing complex challenges by identifying and implementing solutions that can solve multiple problems at once.


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Nov 09 2023

ReThink Health Toolbox Webinar: Cultivating Belonging and Civic Muscle

In order to build a more equitable, thriving future for all, everyone must be included and have the ability and agency to shape their community’s future. This idea is at the core of belonging and civic muscle, one of the seven vital conditions for health and well-being.

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Sep 12 2023

ReThink Health Toolbox Webinar: Introduction to Shared Stewardship

A webinar on shared stewardship—a way of working together and making decisions that will build and sustain a future where everyone can thrive.


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May 25 2023

ReThink Health Toolbox Webinar: An Introduction to the Vital Conditions for Health and Well-Being

What are the vital conditions for health and well-being? And how do they differ from the social determinants of health?


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Mar 31 2023

Webinar: The Long View: New Year, New Practices

So many in philanthropy want to contribute to building a more just and equitable future, but the question is, how? Dealing with compounding and urgent crises can easily consume our energies. How do we begin to imagine and create practices that bring about new opportunities for a vibrant future?