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ReThink Health Toolbox Webinar:

Building the Will to Thrive Together: A New Playbook for Equitable Well-Being

The Rippel Foundation and TheCaseMade believe that there is no better moment to ignite a growing movement to thrive together. That is why we are equipping changemakers with Strategic CaseMaking™ and shared stewardship—two skill sets that are essential for growing collective power, and working together across race, class, gender, party, and other lines that often divide us and stifle progress toward an equitable, thriving future.

Watch this special ReThink Health Toolbox webinar, presented jointly with TheCaseMade. We discuss how Strategic CaseMaking™ and shared stewardship combined can help move us closer to an equitable and thriving future. We also explore a new playbook that Rippel and TheCaseMade recently developed that provides practical ways to use these skills to establish the vital conditions we all need to thrive.


Dr. Tiffany Manuel

Founder and CEO, TheCaseMade

Lindsay Knotts

Managing Director, Impact Strategies, TheCaseMade

This webinar is the latest in the ReThink Health Toolbox webinar series. This series showcases practical approaches, case examples, and strategies stewards can use to drive transformative change. Click here to view past ReThink Health Toolbox webinars! And sign up for our mailing list to receive the latest updates.