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Building the Will to Thrive Together

Bridging Differences and Reinforcing a Unifying Narrative

More and more changemakers believe we can and must bridge differences and move beyond issues that divide us and stifle progress. Many people across America have hope for this vision and want to see it become a reality, but they remain unengaged—unaware of the roles they could play or are unconvinced of their power to make a difference. Imagine if we could inspire all kinds of people—including those who have been sidelined and largely untapped—to join us in advancing a growing movement to thrive together.

The Rippel Foundation and TheCaseMade are committed to creating a world where all people can thrive together, with no exceptions—where everyone has the vital conditions for health and well-being that they and future generations need to prosper and reach their full potential. That is why we are partnering to equip changemakers with Strategic CaseMaking™ and Shared Stewardship—two skill sets that are essential for bridging differences, growing collective power, and creating a thriving future.

The future we want to create won’t be possible unless we break from business-as-usual and make decisive shifts toward an inclusive, multiracial, multicultural democracy; a well-being economy; and a healthcare industry reoriented toward equitable population health and well-being. It is at the intersection of these arenas—the place where they share common ground—that we will gain the traction we need to make lasting, meaningful change.

A Playbook for Establishing the Vital Conditions Everyone Needs for Well-Being

Rippel and TheCaseMade have developed a new playook for changemakers seeking to create an equitable and thriving future. This playbook reflects the input from a series of listening sessions with more than 60 contributors who are working to grow a fully inclusive, multiracial democracy, a well-being economy, and a healthcare industry that works for all. In the playbook, we outline what shared stewardship and Strategic CaseMaking™ are, why they are important at a time such as this one, and how our work to seed these practices in every community is essential to a thriving future.

Read the playbook to learn how shared stewardship and Strategic CaseMaking™ combined can help us bridge differences, grow collective power, and co-create a thriving future. Use this playbook for ideas about how to make decisive shifts toward an equitable and thriving future within your community.

A group of people places their hands on top of each other in a show of unity. The text reads "Building the Will to Thrive Together" with logos for Rippel and The CaseMade below.

Shared Stewardship
and Strategic CaseMaking

Shared stewardship and Strategic CaseMaking™ combined are a powerful skillset to create an equitable and thriving future. Stewardship skills unlock tangible strategies to connect across differences, create transformative opportunities, and shift investments in ways that help people and communities reach their full potential and experience optimal well-being. Strategic CaseMaking™ is a set of evidence-based skills and strategies that leaders can use to persuade their stakeholders and the public to place their support behind transformative systems change.

Together, shared stewardship and Strategic CaseMaking™ can help changemakers go beyond quick fixes to create lasting system change.

Co-Designing Strategies to Build Collective Will

On May 7-8, Rippel and TheCaseMade hosted a co-design experience for changemakers committed to shifting systems toward equity and thriving. This was a limited gathering of individuals and organizations actively working to build a multiracial and multicultural democracy, establish a well-being economy, and reorient America’s health care industry toward equitable well-being. Using lessons from the playbook, we learned from each other, leaned into our shared strengths and common purpose, and co-created strategies to build public will for transformative change. View photos and insights from the meeting at the link below.

Deepening the Skill Set Through Communities of Practice

Rippel and TheCaseMade are partnering to equip changemakers with shared stewardship and Strategic CaseMaking™ skills because we believe that both are essential for the movement to thrive together. Through years of research and practice, we have seen how shared stewardship and Strategic CaseMaking™ can grow collective power and build the will to create an equitable and thriving future.

We are seeking like-minded partners and co-investors who are committed to building a world that advances well-being and equity across race, class, and gender. To learn more about the various opportunities for collaboration and partnership, please contact Becky Payne ([email protected]) and Dr. Tiffany Manuel ([email protected]).