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Movement to Thrive Together

Thousands of stewards across the nation are joining a growing Movement to Thrive Together. Our well-being relies on a system that is not built for everyone to thrive. But it can be transformed if enough of us—including individuals in every walk of life and organizations in every sector—see ourselves and each other as interdependent stewards in a movement for well-being and justice.

The Power Is in the Movement

The transformational change that is necessary to support thriving for all people in all places can only happen through the alignment and hard work of many people working together through shared stewardship. It cannot be achieved by any group or institution working in isolation.

Collaborative and
Community Centered

Residents and community members everywhere deserve the opportunity to shape their own future.

Many traditional models of change rely on a “top-down” approach, in which an organization develops a plan, roadmap, or set of policies, which it then carries forth into a community to be implemented.

But the top-down approach suffers from some very critical limitations. Most importantly, it is developed and implemented from outside, rather than centering community voices and hearing what the community says it needs.

The path to a more equitable and sustainable system of health and well-being often differs greatly from one place to the next. We provide stewards with access to the tools, resources, frameworks, and guidance to help them discover and implement the right courses of action for their own communities.

Visit our Learn by Topic page to explore some of the foundational concepts that guide our approach to systems change.

Explore Thriving
Together Theater

Thriving Together Theater is a powerful tool that can help stewards gain a better understanding of the challenges they will inevitably face in their efforts to create transformational change and direct resources to focus on the vital conditions for health and well-being.

The immersive experience allows participants to experiment with different combinations of population health investments and observe the impacts of these investments on their communities over a simulated 10-year period.

See How It Works