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ReThink Health Toolbox Webinar:

An Introduction to Resident Engagement

Ensuring active resident engagement and leadership, where residents have a respected voice and real power in decision-making, is essential to creating the kind of belonging, civic muscle, and collaboration that can transform regional health and well-being.

Watch this ReThink Health Toolbox webinar on resident engagement. We discuss how resident engagement is essential to expanding the vital conditions for health and well-being, explore strategies to deepen resident engagement, and hear examples of resident engagement being implemented by stewards in their communities.


We are excited to also be joined by guest speakers Douglas Farrand, Music City Director, University of Orange, and Zaki Michael, Community and Program Organizer at the HUUB.

This webinar is the latest in the ReThink Health Toolbox webinar series. This series showcases practical approaches, case examples, and strategies stewards can use to drive transformative change. Click here to view past ReThink Health Toolbox webinars! And sign up for our mailing list to receive the latest updates.