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Amanda McIntosh


Joined Rippel: 2015

Amanda's Role

Amanda McIntosh manages editorial and visual production and provides other key support for the Rippel and ReThink Health communications team. She also leads Rippel’s work to measure its outreach effectiveness.

About Amanda

Amanda has provided critical research, design, and project management support to national-level Rippel projects, including the Convening of Catalysts leadership group that brought together health system transformation trailblazers.


As part of a ReThink Health initiative project exploring tax credits’ potential as a source of sustainable financing for population health, she co-authored a paper for the National Academy of Medicine (2018) and contributed greatly to advancing high-level conversation and interest in the topic via various platforms and mediums. Amanda formerly worked to support nationwide programs and outreach campaigns for consumer health advocacy organizations, serving as program associate to Community Catalyst’s Roadmaps to Health project and as statewide coordinator at Health Care For All.


Amanda holds an MPH from Drexel University and a BA in political science from College of Charleston. She grew up on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, not as a summer resident, but as a third-generation “year-rounder.” She had some of the same teachers that had taught her father when he went through the island’s school system, decades before. On a recent visit, she found a rare fossilized Megalodon tooth.