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Molly Belsky


Joined Rippel: 2019

Molly's Role

Molly provides design work, research, and project management for multiple program teams and acts as the coordinator between the program and communications teams. She also regularly facilitates the Thriving Together Theatre and in the past was a coordinator and implementation team member for the FORESIGHT team.

About Molly

Molly held a number of different roles before coming to Rippel, all with the same through line of fostering communication and empathy between groups of people. She taught middle school history and theatre for two years before working as a canvass director for Planned Parenthood—two jobs that bore a striking resemblance to each other in terms of helping people discover and articulate causes that they believe in. Her love of storytelling and human connection is what drives her in all endeavors.


Molly holds a BA from Trinity College and a MPP with a certificate in Urban Studies from Northeastern University.


Molly is an avid cook and baker. She loves trying new recipes and has recently started regularly baking her own bread to use in weekly meals and share with family and friends. She and her partner also host homemade pizza nights every Friday at their Brooklyn apartment where all their friends have an open invitation to stop by with whatever toppings they wish!